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  • Christian College and Career Guidance

College & Career Advising

You have found a partner who is passionate about unlocking your child’s full potential and guiding them towards a purpose-driven future.

Welcome to a partnership that’s dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your child and guiding them towards a future filled with purpose. At Dan Simon, we offer personalized college and career advising that goes beyond the ordinary, igniting your child’s academic, spiritual, and personal growth with a Christian perspective.

Imagine your child embarking on an educational journey that not only aligns with their academic aspirations but also honors their faith and values. With Dan Simon’s approach, we recognize that each student is a unique creation of God, endowed with boundless potential. Our mission is to help your child discover and unleash this potential, guiding them towards a path that deeply resonates with their individual gifts and passions.

Through Dan Simon’s Christian-focused college counseling, your child will receive guidance that extends beyond conventional advice. Our approach is centered on assisting your child in finding colleges that align not only with their educational goals but also with their faith and values. We firmly believe that your child’s college experience should reflect their distinct identity as a child of God, contributing to their growth as a well-rounded individual.

Starting in their sophomore year and continuing through their junior and senior years, your child will benefit from personalized support that includes academic planning, exploration of extracurricular activities, and guidance through the college application process. With Dan Simon by their side, your child will be well-prepared to transition seamlessly to higher education while remaining grounded in their faith.

As parents, you understand the significance of nurturing your child’s spiritual growth and character development. Dan Simon shares this commitment, acknowledging that the college process isn’t just about academics—it’s about instilling Christian virtues such as empathy, resilience, and gratitude. Through compassionate and Christ-centered conversations, your child will receive unwavering support in every facet of their journey.

Experience the transformative impact of Dan Simon. Our mission is to empower your child to excel academically, flourish spiritually, and embrace a life of purpose that aligns with their faith and values. Together, let’s embark on a journey that leads to academic success, personal growth, and a life that glorifies God.

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“Mr. Simon was nothing short of wonderful and helpful when it came to my college application process. I have completed my first year at NC State and many of the lessons and advice that Mr. Simon gave me regarding college and Christ have stayed with me and I am forever grateful for the impact he made in my life.“

Alexa M., Student: North Carolina State University

“Without my connection with Mr. Simon, I wouldn’t have taken my first step in the college application process as confidently as I did. With his help, I felt at ease during a time that is seen as the biggest challenge a high school student will face during their junior and senior year. He was able to transform what felt like a daunting process into a new perspective where the only limit was the sky itself. On top of it all, it felt as though I was talking to a friend rather than an advisor. I have Mr. Simon to thank through and through for what he did for me.“

David L., Student

“With Mr. Simon’s help, I was able not only to figure out the college admission process but he helped me figure out the best fit schools that I should apply to, as well as a career path that guided me for the remainder of my high school career. If not for him, I do not think I would have had an easygoing time through the process. He was there with answers for all my concerns and worries. I felt that I could reach out to him about anything at any time.“

Garett L., Student

“The process of planning for college is overwhelming by itself. Trying to talk to your kids to motivate them, guide them and keep them to a schedule is a challenge for any parent. We had to do this with twins. Both of them were so different in their personalities as well as so different in their direction, passions, goals and wants. The advice that we could give was only what we had when we were in college and that experience even though valid was outdated. Mr. Simon immediately developed an immediate bond with our boys. His ability to motivate and guide our sons was truly amazing. This relationship and coaching allowed the boys to focus on what they needed to do and a timeframe for each aspect of the experience. The constant feedback on each aspect of the application process made the process smoother not only for the boys but easier for us as parents. His professionalism and knowledge is honed by a passion that warrants respect and motivates one to perform to the best of their ability. I do not know how we could have done this without him.“

Scott L, Parent
  • One-on-One Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Dan Simon is the person you want in your corner when you are looking to live a fully charged life.

Are you ready to maximize your full potential personally, mentally, physically and spiritually? Do you want to inspire others? Are you ready to rise up and set a new standard for yourself and lead the way for others to follow?

Working one-on-one with Dan, you’ll learn how to inspire yourself and get to the next level with more confidence. When you understand your strengths and weakness, you can better predict how you’ll respond to situations that allow you to take smarter actions while empowering others at the same time.

Are you spending more time feeling frustrated in your current work environment than productive? Is there a disconnect with your team, and does that leak into your personal relationships, too? Imagine uncovering some basic and better communication techniques that would leave you feeling more fulfilled and more in alignment with who were meant to be and achieve, what value would you place on that?

Dan works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives to uncover what may be in the way from achieving their professional and personal goals. And then co-creates a simple strategy and execution plan, so you can easily and confidently take your life to the next level.

Are you someone who wants to get clear on visions to set measurable goals with a cohesive plan in a timely manner? Dan meets his clients right where they are. He carefully listens from a Biblical perspective and leverages his 30 years of real-world practical experience to walk side-by-side with you to reach your true desires.

If you’re feeling stuck in your current career, or wrestling with procrastination, self-doubt or overwhelm? Dan’s unique authentic and positive coaching style hears beyond what may be conveyed at the surface level, he goes deep to ask powerful questions in a true spirit of curiosity and discovery that engages his clients with a renewed energy and excitement.

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I have known Dan for over 30 years and can attest to his steel center core of integrity. Working in a coach capacity he has helped me see my worth and center as I rebuilt my personal life and business after a very difficult time. Dan exemplifies everything you want in a friend, colleague, and mentor. Whatever he is offering to help you with, take him up on it.

Jennifer Gardella, PhD

Small business SEO, Blogging and Social Media Consultant Keynote Speaker | Author | TEDx Speaker | Blogger

  • High Performance Teams

Group Coaching

T= Together E=Everyone A=Achieves M=More

Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level?

Teams have one driving purpose and that is to get results. Successful teams don’t just happen by luck, they’re created. It begins with a good leader who can effectively communicate and share the vision, and is ready to embrace change with a strategy; this is step one. Leaders excel working with Dan Simon one-on-one. Step two is hiring Dan to work with the team objectively, professionally & supportively. Slight shifts can make for big change. Dan’s infectious nature causes individuals to be more curious and contemplative to want to learn more while feeling comfortable in an environment that’s engaging. Dan is an excellent facilitator who brings to the forefront what’s key, it begins with a group of individuals with unique skill sets. When we welcome our individuality and differences, it’s in that space where more becomes possible to grow collaboratively and collectively. When everyone’s participating and in a healthy and motivating environment -this is what promotes growth, contribution and exceeding results while feeling happy!

Dan has led many winning teams. He continually finds creative and unique ways to serve his clients needs and doesn’t mind going the extra yard when necessary. He understands the big picture to get everyone on a united trajectory. His strategies and blueprint for success can take your team to new heights.

Everyone wants their team to know exactly where they stand and what’s expected, yet there are significant gaps and blind spots in the way. Why not hire a good coach to be in your corner?

In today’s workforce, there are too many dysfunctional teams. Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work and just aren’t happy. Is your business retaining a proficient staff or is there costly employee turnover? Do you have the right team in place? Are you feeling frustrated or just not able to grow your business confidently? It takes a good team! Sign up for a complimentary call today to see how Dan can work with you and your team and discover if he’s the right fit for you.

Dan Simon has walked the talk in diverse group settings both small and large. One of his greatest accomplishments was leading a New Jersey High School to being recognized as the #1 Math & Science High School in the nation according to US News and World Report! On a personal level, his greatest joy is leading a beautiful and growing family. He spent over 30 years learning, doing and mastering; he now coaches others to do the same, so they too, can experience deeper fulfillment and purpose with confidence.

If you’re serious and want to go to new levels of success, take action now. Hire Dan to work directly with you as the business leader or hire him to work with you and your team. Schedule your call today!What is your team capable of achieving? How can they transform their dynamic into that of a high-performance team?

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Dan has been an instrumental leader to our Peer Support Group by leading our team through an intense time where challenges in education have been immense.  He has pushed us to think outside the box and engage in tough topics and conversation.  Dan has been a great collaborator with the entire team and easily adapts to our changing needs.  He listens to the group, cultivating the voices of everyone involved.   Dan shares different perspectives in a true dialogue and ensures we remain professional while building effective relationships.

Dr. Linda M. Russo

Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies

  • Leadership Development

Keynote Speaking and Seminars

Looking for an engaging keynote speaker for your next event?

Or training for you or your staff to become a more dynamic public speaker?

Dan will deliver a dynamic presentation that will infuse your company or event with the perfect blend of solid business psychology, motivation, inspiration and just the right splash of humor.

Dan Simon has been on stage throughout his entire life, in front of different audiences and in different capacities. When Dan hits the stage his high energy and positive attitude immediately energizes, educates and entertains you, your team and everyone else in the audience to adopt that most valuable of assets – the success mindset which builds strong businesses. His dynamic demeanor and down to earth nature leaves the audiences feeling inspired with hope. As a motivational speaker, and executive business coach, Dan is passionate about bringing his message of empowerment, leadership, achievement, success and purpose to your organization or workplace. He customizes unique presentations tailored for your specific audience.

Dan’s secret is a refreshing attitude of true authenticity gained from his own journey which immediately gets to the heart of any situation and puts people in the driver’s seat of achieving their goals and dreams. He guarantees to stretch the way your audiences think and leave them inspired into action for good and for God.

Dan offers one-on-one training for individuals who want to become better speakers for the purpose of establishing deep connection, better communication and engagement, and to establish a shared vision with their own audiences. Learning to communicate effectively is Dan’s greatest asset and passion to share with others in need.

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It’s time to take your leadership, career and relationships to the next level.

“In every role Dan brings a passion for success and empathy, always striving to find ways to maximize the potential of others. His leadership and coaching brought out the best of his staff. Dan has so much to offer from his experience in both public and private sectors which provides his credibility, but above all, his values, and his foundation allow him to offer guidance and mentorship in formal and informal settings. I look to him for guidance often.”

Thomas Stroffolino, Senior Advisory Solutions Architect

“When you think of servant leaders, Dan Simon should be the first person who comes to mind. His passion for people and relationships makes him an ideal professional leader and personal coach. His belief in family and the bond created among those with shared beliefs is one of his most powerful tools that he will imprint upon all those with whom he connects.”

Dr. MaryJane Garibay, Doctor of Educational Leadership

“Dan Simon is a robust, energetic leader who goes the extra mile to insure that his job is completed. The mission is not only completed, it’s accomplished with aplomb. While reaching to his goal, Dan always remembers that he is working with and alongside people. He understands that, as a leader, his most valuable asset is the people working with him. Thanks to his caring attitude, the people working with him are encouraged to give their best and share in the accomplishment of the mission. It’s a pleasure to work with Dan – he is a strong leader.”

Major Penczak, Senior NJROTC Instructor

“Dan is a very well-informed leader of principle. I had the good fortune of supporting two cohorts of New Jersey principals with Dan through the equity-focused New Jersey Department of Education Principal Learning Network. I always found Dan to be deeply caring and responsive in coaching participants in the program. Because of his own extensive experience as an educational leader, he was well-attuned to the needs and day-to-day realities of principals. He thinks deeply about leadership and is able to bring his considerable knowledge and experience to his support of educators.”

Tim Matheney, Founder and President, Spire Leadership Group

“I have known Dan for a long time, and can say, without reservation, that he is an excellent school administrator. His passion is education, and his remarkable skill set enables him to lead students, teachers, and other administrators very effectively. Dan is one of the most natural educators I know, and I remember the time we worked together with great admiration and respect.

Jeff Janover, VP of Interoperability Services

Dan Simon

Executive Leadership Consultant & Speaker
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