About Dan

Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Husband and Father to Six Awesome Children

For over 30 years, Dan has been coaching, mentoring & speaking to individuals, businesses & large audiences to help them create great success; financially, physically & emotionally. Dan has dedicated his entire adult life to growth, change, and inspiration.

Dan served in educational leadership roles for over 25 years. After starting his career as a mathematics teacher, coach, and advisor, he rapidly ascended to school and district leadership roles, including 20 years as a High School Principal/Director and Superintendent. Under Dan’s tenure as Principal of High Technology High School, the school rose to the #1 rank of US high schools (according to US News & World Report).

Dan’s positive attitude of true authenticity gained from his own personal journey is constant and at the heart of any situation and puts people in an empowering position to achieve their goals and desires toward lasting fulfillment.

Dan works with people from all walks of life, he understands and recognizes diversity and many perspectives. Known as a servant leader, Dan’s leadership and coaching style is grounded in Biblical principles that lay the foundation of his work. Dan uses the skill of professional coaching to enable clients to effect change, create new awareness, and move into action. The Biblical perspective remains the lens through which Dan views his client, but the integration of that perspective is sensitively adapted to the individuality of his client for lasting transformation, change, and growth. Therefore, the expression of faith can at times be as important as the skill of coaching itself.

Dan’s outstanding communication skills and ability to create strong interpersonal relationships has been his greatest quality as a leader, but along his own journey, he had to let go of his own limiting beliefs and personal challenges. Tending to play life ‘small’ and ‘safe’ kept Dan within a self-limiting comfort zone. He recognized his own growth-hindering conflict that needed fixing and wanted to break free from what he himself had created, preventing him from having what he truly wanted in life most. He knew he had to let go of the many negative and self-sabotaging thoughts that prevented him from taking courageous action. Some of that negativity included feelings of not being good enough, fear of failure, not feeling deserving or worthy, lacking inner confidence, and self-doubt. What changed it for Dan was his faith and reaching out for the help and support of his own mentors and coaches. Dan eventually made the decision to respond to a burning calling from within, compelling him to rise up and set new standards for himself, instilling new beliefs and methods that serve for good. As a result, Dan builds an unstoppable force for recognizing human potential and perpetual growth for himself and for others to live life inspired. He lives out his life every day with actions consistent with his own personal standard of positive, authentic leadership (PAL). Dan leads with authority while living in humility. He inspires, motivates, teaches, and ignites everyone around him into their own unique greatness. He walks every step of the way alongside his clients from many sectors and experience levels.

His greatest love is Linda, his wife of over 30 years. Dan is blessed to be the father to their six children Shannon, DJ, Jake, Kyle, Alexandra, and Zachary, and to be called grandpa by Jayden, Asher, Emma, Alba, and Maverick.

“Dan Simon has the rare combination of both high organizational skills and excellent personal skills. Not only will Dan get the job done with excellence, but the people he works with feel like they matter and are important. Dan is a wonderful and articulate communicator! What Dan says, he does. What Dan believes, he lives. Whether in the office, as a conference speaker, or as a husband, father and grandfather – Dan is a trusted man of integrity. As Dan’s pastor and as a witness to his giftedness and authenticity, I highly recommend him to your organization!”

Chris Durkin

Senior Pastor at Colts Neck Community Church

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“In every role Dan brings a passion for success and empathy, always striving to find ways to maximize the potential of others. His leadership and coaching brought out the best of his staff. Dan has so much to offer from his experience in both public and private sectors which provides his credibility, but above all, his values, and his foundation allow him to offer guidance and mentorship in formal and informal settings. I look to him for guidance often.”

Thomas Stroffolino, Senior Advisory Solutions Architect

“When you think of servant leaders, Dan Simon should be the first person who comes to mind. His passion for people and relationships makes him an ideal professional leader and personal coach. His belief in family and the bond created among those with shared beliefs is one of his most powerful tools that he will imprint upon all those with whom he connects.”

Dr. MaryJane Garibay, Doctor of Educational Leadership

“Dan Simon is a robust, energetic leader who goes the extra mile to insure that his job is completed. The mission is not only completed, it’s accomplished with aplomb. While reaching to his goal, Dan always remembers that he is working with and alongside people. He understands that, as a leader, his most valuable asset is the people working with him. Thanks to his caring attitude, the people working with him are encouraged to give their best and share in the accomplishment of the mission. It’s a pleasure to work with Dan – he is a strong leader.”

Major Penczak, Senior NJROTC Instructor

“Dan is a very well-informed leader of principle. I had the good fortune of supporting two cohorts of New Jersey principals with Dan through the equity-focused New Jersey Department of Education Principal Learning Network. I always found Dan to be deeply caring and responsive in coaching participants in the program. Because of his own extensive experience as an educational leader, he was well-attuned to the needs and day-to-day realities of principals. He thinks deeply about leadership and is able to bring his considerable knowledge and experience to his support of educators.”

Tim Matheney, Founder and President, Spire Leadership Group

“I have known Dan for a long time, and can say, without reservation, that he is an excellent school administrator. His passion is education, and his remarkable skill set enables him to lead students, teachers, and other administrators very effectively. Dan is one of the most natural educators I know, and I remember the time we worked together with great admiration and respect.

Jeff Janover, VP of Interoperability Services

Dan Simon

Executive Leadership Consultant & Speaker
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